About Sue

Hey! I’m Sue. I’m a family coach who coaches committed and exhausted parents who have kids who fall "outside the box,” who are looking to cut through the fluff and find simple, practical tools that work. These parents will do just about anything to find solutions for themselves and their children. Are you tired of feeling exhausted, guilty, worried, and frustrated as you try to navigate real problems such as anxiety, perfectionistic tendencies, lack of confidence, challenging behavior, thoughts of self-harm, and the effects of the digital world on yourselves and your children?


I came to this work as a substitute teacher. When my children came home complaining about their substitutes, and as a certified teacher who had opted to be a stay at home mom, I said, “For heaven’s sakes. Sign me UP!


My Draw Was Always Those Kids Who Were Outside The Box.

Of course, I loved all the kids, and I especially enjoyed the kids who were we on the fringes. You know the ones, right? The kids who I was “warned about,” the ones who knew the way to the principal’s office. I also loved the kids who didn’t feel good about themselves and didn’t believe they were ever enough. I found it a challenge to needle my way into their brains to help them see themselves the way I saw them. From a perspective of who they REALLY are…possibility galore with so much potential if they could just see it for themselves.  

One day, after 15 years of showing up for kids, I was teaching in the middle school around the corner, and I was stopped in my tracks. The children I thought I had helped five years earlier were now in middle school, and it hit me square in the face. My impact on them didn’t have the sticking power I had hoped. These children were now “becoming the writing on the wall,” so to speak, with futures that were not so bright. It broke my heart! How could this beautiful child be the child riddled with anxiety and limiting beliefs? How could this bright, intelligent child be the one who was being sent to the principal’s office regularly and also eliciting the rolling of the eyes from other teachers?

Healthy Mental Fitness

In my own life, I have had times where I have struggled with my emotional fitness. There have been times when I wondered how in the world to handle my anxiety, depression, and intrusive thoughts that didn’t serve me very well. The tools that I have learned have been life-altering. What I learned on my journey was that none of my healing would have happened without first changing my thinking. The day I went from “I don’t think I can do this” to “I’m going to figure this out” is the day that my life began again. Everything changed. And now I am passionate about helping others find the answers that will improve their lives, too. Beleaguered parents are usually just parents who are fiercely committed and are weary and sad that they can’t seem to find answers that work. These parents understand the importance to have a sound mind, but often feel as if they are going out of their minds and want to find a place where love, clarity, and reason rule the day. My clients work with me, and they start to discover ways to not only help their kids, but they become the best versions of themselves as well. They learn the tools to stay in the game, finding solutions to implement thought work strategies that actually work for their kids…that have staying power.

It’s Why I Do What I Do

In many ways, I believe that my challenging journey of self-discovery was the best gift I could have ever received. I finally found answers that I’d been passionate about finding for a long time, to help the kids that I love, the ones who have things getting in the way of who they want to be. I finally found answers for their parents who are even more frustrated than I was trying to find solutions that work. As one of my clients puts it, “Your tools cut through the fluff. They are simple, straightforward and work.” My clients, parents, and children who are stressed out, frustrated, and tired, discover ways to start feeling better…NOW.

Solutions That Work

I help families discover tools that create positive change very quickly and that make a difference long term. Some may think I found a magic potion for joy. Nope. I discovered simple, straightforward tools that are easy to understand and use. And yet they are powerful!. Ask yourself, are you experiencing:

  • Difficult circumstances? Come out the other side stronger than you ever thought possible.

  • Anxiety? Learn the tools that keep you in the game of life. Manage that pesky and debilitating emotion powerfully!

  • Relationship concerns? Immediate relief is available, and relationships improve ten-fold with Sue’s help. The first place to start is with you and your thinking which is creating your feelings, actions, and results.

  • Perfectionism? Gain freedom from never being enough and being a people pleaser at your own expense.

  • Disempowering thoughts and behaviors?   I help with anxiety, depression, behavior problems, and the ability to cope with the social stresses that are magnified by the digital world.  

These are just a handful of the issues that face ourselves and our children. Any problem is something that can be addressed powerfully with the help of a life coach. I teach parents and their families the tools of managed thinking so that they can create amazing results in their lives.   They discover ways to think differently. Our thoughts create our results. Always.

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