Put on your own oxygen mask first!

You’re on an airplane and the flight attendant is giving instructions which we’ve heard a thousand times before. We hardly even process what they are telling us as we wait to race down the runway and take off for our new destination. How many of us really stop to think about how important it is for us to make sure that we have access to the breath of life, oxygen, so we can be of help to those around us? If we run out of the ability to breathe, we cannot expect that we can save those around us, can we?

It’s the same thing with our mental health. We can be much more empowering to our families if we understand and use the tools to manage or emotional fitness so that we can then, in turn, help those we love most be able to manage their mental fitness as well. This is where it all starts, my friends, with our thoughts. It truly is at the root of everything.

Do you feel like your child is having a hard time and you don’t quite know how to help them? Do you find yourself feeling like you are just getting through the day, perhaps hanging on by your fingertips?

  • Do you want peace in your home and an easier way of handling difficult situations with your children?

  • Do you want more for your children than the disempowering thoughts and resultant behaviors that are currently happening regularly that you wish would just go away?

  • Do you want your children to have healthy relationships and successful life skills?

  • Do you want your family to be able to create joy and adventure?

  • Do you want better relationships with your children and for them to have better relationships outside your family?

  • Do you want to achieve a goal as a family that always seems to be beyond your reach?

If you’ve thought about these things and you want transformational results for your family, then my program is just what you have been looking for. Join me as I teach you the basics to get you the results you want in life. The first thing we do is to teach you how to look at your own thinking, of getting a handle of what is at the root of the results that you are currently getting in life and how to get to the results that you actually want to see happen.

The good news is that this process doesn’t have to take forever. It is my goal to teach you the tools so that you can D.I.Y. your own mental health through the self-coaching program that I teach. Learn to be your own best resources. It may be an overused analogy, but I like to teach my clients “how to fish rather than just giving them a fish.” I empower people to manage their own thinking for life so that they can take these transformational tools and live a created life.

Feel free to book a session and we can get started!

Sue Nelson