"I'm not enough," is a THOUGHT ERROR. Fix it already!

Our brains are designed to solve problems.

If left unsupervised, they can run amuck and solve problems that really aren’t problems in the first place.

Let me give you an example. If you are unconsciously practicing the thought, “I’m not good enough,” your brain is going to find plenty of evidence throughout your day to prove that you’re not good enough. 

If you think, “I’m great at math,” your brain is going to find evidence to prove that’s true, too. When you find an equation that is difficult to solve, coming from this context, your brain will have a secondary thought such as, “I can figure this out.” Or, “I don’t know how to do this YET.” 

Lots of people call this a positive mindset. I call it just plain SMART and we can do it on purpose. 

Maybe you mistakenly think that this comes “naturally” to other people and It’s not in the cards for you. Of course, your brain wants to think that!  SAME OL’, SAME OL’ feels so good!

Tricky brain! It wants to think the same thoughts you’ve practiced thinking for a long time because it likes to be efficient. Sometimes efficient brains aren’t very helpful! They think that being lazy is serving you by keeping you all safe and comfy in your “no challenge zone.” 

This usually happens when our  DOWNSTAIRS brain is in charge.  That’s our primitive brain for you scientists out there. 

Don’t put up with that! Wake up your UPSTAIRS brain. That's your pre-frontal cortex, FYI. It's in charge of your higher order of thinking skills.

Hey! Change up your thoughts to something that will serve you better! And remember…they have to be thoughts that your brain will buy into…Don’t be all “gung ho” and think thoughts too over the top. That will just set you up for overwhelm or having to use WILL POWER, which is always short-lived, my friends.

Here goes: 

  • He drives me crazy!   He thinks differently from me.

  • I’m unhappy.  – I’m looking for ways to be happy. 

  • You’re a mess!  I love you and you’ll figure it out. 

  • I can't afford this.  Maybe I can afford this. I'm going to find a way to make more money. 

  • This shouldn't be happening. This is happening and I'll be fine...eventually. 

Hint for the day: You're in charge of your brain. Think thoughts that serve you! 

Sue NelsonComment