Rule #1 for a better life: DON'T TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY!

Nothing others do is because of you.⁣

What others say and do is about them. ⁣

⁣When we take things personally, we are agreeing with what others have said.⁣

⁣When we do not agree, the things that others say cannot affect us emotionally.⁣

When we understand that it really isn’t any of our business what others think about us, their words or behavior cannot affect us.⁣

When someone yells at you, gossips about you, harms you or yours, it⁣ still is not about you! Their actions and words are based on what they believe.⁣

⁣Our personal belief system makes us feel safe.⁣ ⁣When people have beliefs that are different from our own, we get scared, defend ourselves, and try to impose our point of view on them.⁣

⁣When someone gets angry with us it is because our belief system is challenging their belief system and  they get scared. They need to defend their point of view.⁣ Do not become angry, create conflict, and expend energy arguing when you are aware of this. Use your energy for something useful. Like loving or contributing to the world. ⁣

⁣Practice forgiveness. Forgiveness is a promise not a feeling. Forgiveness is a commitment not to use the past sin against them . . . or yourself!⁣

⁣Apologize. Apologizing doesn’t always mean that you are wrong and the other⁣ person is right.⁣ ⁣Apologizing can mean that you value your relationship with them more than your own ego.⁣ And it feels so much better. Love is always an option. ⁣

⁣*Lesson learned from Don Miguel Ruiz – The Four Agreements⁣ and, of course, the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Sue NelsonComment