The Impossible IS Possible... Take Over the Driver's Seat to Your Life

Why do we believe that the improbable, the impractical, the unpredictable, the impossible isn’t available to us when It absolutely is? 

Why do we wonder if we can stop feeling stuck and live the life we always imagined? Why do we wonder if we can love being a parent again, or if our marriage can be saved, or if we’ll ever get over a massive disappointment, stop being depressed, lose weight, or finally find a way to be happy? 

For me, I believe that Christ is the perfect example of living what’s possible. We have been told that through Him, all things are possible. For others, they find their examples in other religious leaders and great world thinkers.

And yet we often don’t believe that when they teach us that the impossible is, in fact, possible, we often don’t think that this applies to us. How do we come to believe and live this truth? 

It starts with the willingness to think a thought that will give us that result. And guess what? We can create that thought on purpose. He can help us do just that when we exercise a little faith in Him and apply some amazing tools that help us to actually do just that. 

Did you know that when we think a thought over and over again, it becomes a belief and actually creates our reality? 

And when we learn how to do this, our impossible becomes possible. Often my clients find it so surprising that many of them describe it as magic. Is it magic? Probably not. Is it faith? Yes. That’s definitely a factor. And it’s real. 

I see it work all of the time. The impossible happens when people see something for themselves that they haven’t seen before... and their lives are changed in ways that are transformative and it’s cool.

Try it. It just might make THE difference in your life. 

And when you fail? Consider that you only fail when you quit. 

 ⁣What is your impossible walk on water moment? Can you create the unpredictable and magnify your love and service in such a way that you can feed 10,000 souls on 5 loaves of bread and two fishes? I bet you can. In fact, I know you can. Give your brain and spirit a job for the day to do just that. You can and you will find a way. Put your mind to work. Create a path for the impossible to happen and step into it. ⁣⁣

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