Thoughts to Think on Purpose Part 2

Here you go. A few more thoughts to practice and think on purpose.

You’re welcome!

* I am deeply loved.

* The world longs for what I have to offer.

* There is nothing I truly want that I can’t have.

* Hard work feels amazing.

* We can do hard things.

* Familiarity is not the same thing as comfort.

* Suffering is sometimes familiar, but it’s not necessary.

* Worry serves no purpose.

* Money is easy.

* There’s plenty of time.

* I could do twice as much.

* Everything I do is a choice.

* My past is perfect.

* There is nothing anyone can do to make me happy—that’s my job.

* What I do doesn’t make me happy; What I think does.

* I don’t have fun—I am fun.

* What I look for, I will find.

* What others think of me is about them, not me (good and bad).

* Trying to get someone to love me so that I feel loved, is like trying to get someone to eat me so that I feel full.

* I am guided.

* Everything is as it should be.

Are these thoughts you can believe today? If not, they actually ARE available to you right now and I’m happy to share the tools to help you believe them. 

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I think you’re worth it, do you?

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