Tired of Being the "PICK UP YOUR STUFF! Queen?

Do you beat yourself up because you aren’t showing up as the parent that you want to be?

How many times have you told yourself, over and over again, that today is going to be different.

You have created a mantra for yourself that sounds like this…

“I will not yell at my kids. I will be patient. I will not yell at my kids. I will be patient.”

And then, something happens.

Your kids don’t listen to you.

They spill the milk. Again.

They leave their clothes, books, backpacks, and toys out even though you have told them a thousand times to put them away. You have even been very explicit in how and when this is supposed to happen. With charts and everything. Come on, kiddos! Seriously?

And the new day starts and your same ol’ same ol’ shows up again.

And you are the one left feeling badly because you have lost your patience again…and even with all the planning, executing, pleading, charts, the whole enchilada, YOU are still the one that is left to CLEAN UP!

Haha. I can relate to you my friend. I used to do the same thing. I even had a name for myself…Sue Pick-Up Nelson. Yep. My middle name had officially been hijacked by my parenting situation to the point where I completely identified myself as Sue. PICK-UP. Nelson. My new identity. I am not kidding around, here. I even considered changing it on my driver’s license.

Oh, and I wore that poor me, look at me, I work so hard look proudly. “I’m just like Joan of Arc here, people!” I was super good at the whole “I’ll die on my own sword,” drama. Thank you very much. “I’m the heroine, the saint. Put that star sticker on my forehead, please.”

And pay me at the door. The drama was just that good.

But guess what? All I really was was a martyr, which was not a good thing.

I was a self-made victim, my friends.

And now that I’ve let go of that story, life is so much better.

I now really understand that I am responsible for my own thoughts, feelings, and actions. Expecting someone else to make me calm, rational, and happy is my job. And having THAT job is the best.

Oh, and it’s not a problem to keep making requests, setting up systems, forgiving myself, forgiving them and starting all over again. Every. Single. Day.

That’s life. It’s messy. It’s human. It’s beautiful.

AND…being miserable is completely optional.

I think I’ll leave that at the door.

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