Creating Possibilities - The Simple Step to Plan Your Life Ahead of Time

Do you know what is particularly AMAZING? Creating your life ahead of time.

Why leave your life to chance? Right?

Why give your natural man free rein to show up and take over the party when it loves to throw you off your game and be the center of attention?

That natural man does love drama.

And drama isn’t every very helpful.

There is another option.

Of course, life can feel like a challenge, that’s for sure.

And yet, there are tools at our fingertips that we may not even know about.

I suggest that you try out planning your life ahead of time.

Not in the regular calendaring kinds of ways, with lists that get checked off, but in ways that can make THE difference in your life.

Think of something coming up that feels really important to you:

Maybe you are headed out for an extended family vacation, and you are committed to coming away with great memories.

Or maybe you are getting ready for your first day of school.

Or perhaps someone in your family is getting ready to perform in the school play or are playing in a much-anticipated recital.

Maybe you are headed to a funeral for someone that you were particularly close to.

Or you are planning to have a potentially awkward conversation with someone.

Whatever circumstance you are anticipating, you have so much power to show up in ways that can be created intentionally, so that you don’t just leave it up to chance.

First, we look at how we want to BE. We look at words that are framed in language that describes a “way of being.” For instance:

Loving. Confident. Friendly. Clear-thinking. Inspiring. Considerate.

Next, we phrase our plan as a possibility, like this:

I am creating the possibility for myself and my life of BEING _____________, _____________, and ____________.  

Next, we step into being that possibility, not as a chance kind of thing, but with intentionality.  BEING LOVE. BEING CONFIDENT. BEING FRIENDLY.

Sharing it makes it even that much better.

When we do this for ourselves, we create a very real opportunity for this to become our REALITY.

And when it doesn’t, that’s o.k., too.  We are merely being given another opportunity to create a new future from that given moment.  

Sue NelsonComment