Change. Why do We Think It's SO Hard?

Change. Hmmm. Is it possible? Can I actually make it stick?

Maybe you are trying to encourage your kids to change. And while you’re at it, it might be nice to encourage yourself to change…and actually, do it. RIght?

Maybe you try on new “mantra,” or “affirmation,” but your brain keeps telling you that what you are trying to believe is a lie. And you believe that instead. Deep down. “You are NOT what you are trying to be.”

Guess what, my friends? 

There is no such thing as a fake thought. There may be thoughts that you just don't believe yet, and that is different. 

Ask yourself who you want to BE? 

What do you need to think NOW to be that kind of person? 

Borrow the thoughts and feelings and ways of being from that future self that you can imagine. 

Literally, sit down and write down ideas about how you imagine other people who are already BEING like this think, feel, and act.  Be creative. Then take those ways of being on and practice them.

This is where being willing to fail on purpose comes into the equation.  And the only way to fail is to get into action. 

Here are the 4 things that can show up when you decide to get into action: 

  • 1. SUCCESS

  • 2. FAILURE . This is the next best thing to success. Because when you are willing to fail, it shows that you are all in all of the time. Don't hang the results on whether you are willing to keep yourself in the game. Just keep in the game. One failure is one step closer to success.

  • 3. NOT TRYING AGAIN.  This doesn't get you anywhere and really doesn't serve you at all.

  • 4. PROCRASTINATION .  This is not even trying once, which is at the bottom of the how to get results formula.

Keep in mind that the only property that you have any control over is your NOW and your FUTURE. The past is just fact. It is just what happened. Let it go.

Now, is this going to happen instantly? It could. And guess what? It will disappear again when we show up as our human selves. 

Stop shaming yourself. Be kind and let yourself practice. Failing isn’t failing until you decide to quit. 

Oh, and remember, a belief is only a thought that has been thought over and over again until it becomes a belief.   Believing new things creates change. Click on my home page for my free course.

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