What to Do with the Dreaded Eye Roll...Yours or Theirs!

Are the people in your life “driving you crazy?”

Let me suggest an novel idea:

Try looking at your family members, whether it be your child or your spouse, as who they really are, deep down, in the way that God sees them. Beyond their current state.  It’s good for them that someone’s got their back because they may not be able to see this for themselves. 

Seeing others as perfect and complete, at any given moment, as a human who is having a human experience, brings us to a stage of acceptance, where judgment and criticism don’t have center stage. Empathy and compassion show up. Creating what’s next, where you can BE in such a way that they are left to feel touched, moved, and inspired, is always available to you. It feels amazing. Peaceful. Resolute. Committed.

Warning: They not come away feeling “touched, moved, and inspired.” They may just roll their eyes. Ha. Ha. And when that happens. It is no skin off your nose. Who you are committed to being is not conditioned upon what other people think and do. Why hand over your own power to show as the best version of yourself to someone who is currently the least likely person able to take care of it?

Why do we hand over our power to show up as ourselves to a 2 year old, anyway?

When we see them in their current state, with acceptance, it actually allows us to just love them. Everybody is on this journey that we call life. Maybe their current state is exactly where they’re supposed to be.. Loving someone for exactly “who they are” and for exactly “who they are not” is a powerful place to come from.  And it certainly doesn’t do anything to keep us from seeing them as their possibility, either. We can love them either way.

And guess what? It’s equally powerful to do the same for ourselves ...to see ourselves for who we can be, and have compassion and love for ourselves in our current state of being. 

And our current state is just what “is.” It’s actually what we call a neutral circumstance. Love yourself for exactly “who YOU are” and for exactly “who YOU are not.” When you can live inside this neutral space, anything becomes possible. And…we’re not hooked to our past, which isn’t going to get us to our future self any faster anyway.

Shame and indulgent guilt do nothing to move us forward to fulfill the aspirations that we have for ourselves. Those emotions actually keep us stuck and out of action. And keep us from being responsible. If there’s something in your current state that doesn’t align with who you know yourself to truly be or who you want to be, just clean it up already. 

  • Do not judge. 

  • Be grateful. 

  • Love yourself. 

  • Love others. 

Stand for what you believe to be possible. Sometimes it can be scary and sometimes you feel weak, and you know what? Courage isn’t necessarily comfortable in the moment. In fact, being courageous can actually make you feel like you’re going to throw up. If that’s how you feel, you’re doing it right. Stay in the game and be a stand for what you believe is possible! It’s how you get things done and remember. It can always come from a place of love.

Love is always, yep, ALWAYS, an option. And love is where miracles happen. 

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