Life Options: Past-Focused vs. Future Focused

Today is teacher appreciation day. 

In honor of my coach, Brooke Castillo, owner of The Life Coach School, I'm sharing with you one of the best concepts she has taught to to live my life from my future self.  Her goal in life is to be an example of what's possible. I LOVE her! 


Often, we look to our past for validation that we are capable of something. 

This only works if you are looking to accomplish something you’ve already accomplished in the past. 

Imagine if a baby who was learning to walk refused to try because he’d never been successful at walking before. 

With this mindset, the baby would never learn to walk. 

Fortunately, when we were babies, we didn’t look to our past for evidence that we would be successful or we’d still be crawling. 

I’m giving a shout out to one of my current clients who is borrowing thoughts from her future self and creating a life she didn’t know was available to her. Before our coaching, she literally thought that being shy was in her DNA and was her fate.  

* I don't have to be shy anymore.

* I can introduce myself to others.

* I express myself with confidence to others without thinking they are judging me.

* I can answer questions without fear that I will be the center of attention.

* And maybe it's ok to be the center of attention on occasion.   

* When I am the center of attention,  I can contribute to the world.

* I'm considering that being the center of attention can be a powerful place to stand.

* I am at peace with my confident self.

Why limit our potential based on who we’ve been and what we’ve already accomplished. 

Focusing on the future means we recognize your limiting beliefs, then let them go.

We replace them with beliefs that serve our dreams. 

It means focusing on the road ahead and getting excited about the future. 

It means that to create a different future, we have to create something that doesn’t exist in our past. 

We must believe something that we don’t currently believe. 

If we already believed it, we would have created the result we do not yet have.

Do you want to know how to do this? Do you want to teach this to your family?

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