Want to know what THE life hack is, you SELF-HELP junkies out there?

Guess what? 

Are you ready to have your mind blown? 

Ready? Ready? Wait for it…

Oh, wait. I need to qualify this one. 

This may upset you self-help junkies out there. Be warned…

We are never going to ARRIVE!

We are never going to be FIXED.

No matter how many self-help books we read. No matter how hard we “try.” 

Recently I had a client (actually...I have several. This is VERY normal) who had these thoughts and she hasn’t been able to shake them. 

“I’m a mess. I’m never going to be fixed.”

She thinks this is bad news. 

It’s actually great news.

There is no such thing as “arriving.” That’s just language that we’ve made up that isn’t very useful. Who decides when we are enough, anyway?

Uhhh. No one. 

When we discover that we will never arrive, because there is no arrival gate of life, it’s actually quite freeing. 

We no longer need to shame ourselves. Which is just our brain’s tricky way of keeping us out of action, anyway. And keeps us hanging on to things that aren’t helpful, like PRIDE and JUDGMENT. 

And that’s no fun.

Oh, and Satan LOVES that. Just sayin’. He loves to keep us stuck. Tricky guy.

How about trying these thoughts on? 

  • I am perfect and complete at any given moment.

  • I can be just fine with the way life looks today. 

  • I have everything in front of me just waiting to look the way I want it to.

  • I get to choose what my next moment looks like.

I love this space that I call the NEUTRAL ZONE. From here, anything is possible. 


Life is messy and it’s perfect that life is messy. There is opposition in all things and it’s for our good. 


And it’s powerful to create what comes next intentionally. This is where we are casting off the natural man. 

I can clean something up if I need to. 

"I’m sorry I pushed you off the piano bench when you didn’t practice. (I actually did this once.) Will you forgive me?"

Yep. I’m not perfect and that’s life. Life is messy, it’s beautiful, I’m learning and improving. I am committed. I will show up. When I don’t show up as that, I can still be my commitment and clean it up.

fall down

get up

fall down

get up

Rinse and repeat.  (With a little clean up added to the mix.) 

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